I have had the pleasure both buying and selling with Leanne as my representative on a couple of occasions. When purchasing, Leanne was thorough in obtaining pertinent details of the home prior to making an Offer. She made the Offer process easy. I liked that Leanne knew what I needed in a home and was quick to point out where improvements to the home could be made. I am happy to report I made those suggested improvements and my home is fabulous.
When Selling, Leanne was happy to listen and addressed all of my concerns. She came through my home and together we made sure we were both on the same page when it came to advertising the features of my home. When the listing came out, I was thrilled with the advertising. When we received the Offer, Leanne made sure both my purchase and sale were in sync and that the transition would be seamless.
On a personal level, she is friendly, outgoing and well connected in the community. Her keen sense of humour always kept my anxieties in check and it was a pleasure dealing with her.

I am confident in referring Leanne she is a trusted name in her industry.

Lori Ewert